Money is not everything but it is a lot

Fees for a graduate medical program in Malaysia = an apartment in southwestern Germany

PURCSI – Programmes

unless you are kebab Malay then can into heavily subsidized government universities

many sads

go home cina but where is home?

people i dont care about

I tire of following the lives and deaths of (mostly white) people I don’t care about.
(That’s looking at you Babylon 5 and Orphan Black)

Curiously, I did not get this feeling while watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Perhaps because, the boss is black, and Ferengi and Klingon and Cardassian are not really white, you know.

OTOH, even though they are called “Phoenix Wright” and “Miles Edgeworth” they are so obviously Japanese, my brain automatically files them under Naru-chan and Mitsurugi-san anyway.

Conclusion: I wish I did not have to watch these stupid DVDs in order to maintain my grasp of this stupid foreign language I feel no affection for (aside as insurance for future attempt at citizenship), and could spend all my non-working time just playing JRPGs. Nothing but JRPGs and maybe manga and dorama and anime – that is happiness.

the price of monolingualism

duh. actually, just the price of not being functional in English, even for gaming.

Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations sells for nearly €100 for the dubbed* version.

The UK import sells for €20.

* disclosure: I am a rabid fansub fan who froths at the mouth at the mention of dubs.
It took me so long to become even proficient at verbal German because of the life-long ingrained hate of everything dubbed (damn you, Mandarin dubbers of perfectly punny Cantonese movies – the puns are all lost in dubbing). In the end I am also a practical person, even if I neither eat the food nor fuck the natives, I should at least speak their language, right? At least proficiently enough for them to grant me a permanent residence status without too much hassle.

Therefore I watch enough German-dubbed + English-subbed Star Trek DVDs (and even *gasp’ Babylon 5 – this reminds me – a post coming about how a group of dubbers can dupe a nation of monolinguals) to know the difference between:

Captain auf die Brücke


Captain auf der Brücke

whatever. As long I don’t have to sleep with them nor eat their food, I am perfectly fine learning the language.